I decided to start this company for many reasons. But, primarily it was quite simply to clear my ever expanding wardrobe and to encourage other women to do the same. As anyone who knows me well can testify, I am passionate about fashion and style, and have always been a prolific collector of clothes, shoes and handbags. My weakness is beautiful, unique clothing. The quality of the fabric, the expert craftsmanship, and the exquisite workmanship have always been a fascinating obsession. Beautiful clothes make my heart sing. I would rather save and buy one amazing investment piece than twenty cheap imitations. Or buy nothing at all. 

Most of us possess far too many items in our wardrobes. Some for sentimental reasons, while others no longer suit us/fit us/or work for our lifestyle or age. Culling, decluttering or weeding out the excess fashion baggage brings a glorious cathartic sense of freedom. Selling those unloved items can be financially rewarding, emotionally liberating and ecologically sound.

The survival of the fashion industry relies on eradicating fast fashion, buying fewer items that are made to last, ensuring that less goes to landfill each year. Preloved is an incredible way to grant these designer labels a new lease of life. 

At Preloved Perfection you can discover some of the most covetable pre-owned designer labels, including Chanel, Hermes, Dolce  & Gabbana, Valentino, Cartier, Celine,  Stella McCartney, Prada, Christian Dior, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Chloe, Miu Miu, Manolo Blahnik, and many more, at truly affordable prices.   

I want to share my finds with you, and I hope that I can inspire other women to dress in an unique style by investing in special, one-of-a-kind pieces that you are unlikely to ever see on anyone else. 

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