Much as we all love a feminine and romantic floral midi dress that wafts gently in the breeze, there are moments when the need for a something more poised, elegant, even striking, is the only thing that will suffice. A time to feel and look "grown up." Nothing equals the enduring love-affair with a monochrome outfit. Sharp, striking, sophisticated - its a sartorial no-brainer. The combinations are endless. Classic blazer, silk blouse, trousers and killer heels; check or stripe skirt, softly draped T-shirt, perhaps a jacket, and strappy sandals; or a casual sweater, jeans and trainers; or a simple sheath dress and heels. No clashing colours, no unintentional mismatch. It's utterly stylish simplicity. 

Street Photographs from Pinterest
Product images by Belinda Heaslip

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