Terms & Conditions for Sellers

General Terms and Conditions for Sellers

Owned by founder and managing director Gail Rolfe, PRELOVED PERFECTION offers the provision, marketing and sale of second hand and preloved designer fashion for private sellers, primarily via the website operated by www.prelovedperfection.com, but also via other distribution channels such as Instagram.

Here at PRELOVED PERFECTION we are committed to selling your designer items at the best possible price and in the most efficient way and in order that we can do this, we ask that you comply with the following terms and conditions. At present we only sell items through our Concierge Service, where we are responsible for professional photography, authenticity checks, all details, including descriptions, condition rating, and style tips.

The following terms and conditions apply to customers selling through  the
These Seller Terms govern the particulars of commissioningPRELOVED PERFECTION in conjunction with offering, marketing and selling second hand designer fashion. A seller authorises PRELOVED PERFECTION to offer, market and sell the intended sales item. The seller authorises PRELOVED PERFECTION to find potential buyers for the respective item and to sell it on behalf of the seller, in compliance with these Seller Terms. 

PRELOVED PERFECTION accepts only authentic designer items. You, as the owner, guarantee the authenticity of all items consigned withPRELOVED PERFECTION. Any item delivered to PRELOVED PERFECTION and deemed to be counterfeit/fake by the team at PRELOVED PERFECTION or any qualified third party, will will either be destroyed or returned to the seller at the seller’s risk and expense. PRELOVED PERFECTION can make return shipment dependent on an advance payment by the seller. 

Furthermore, if in PRELOVED PERFECTION's opinion, the sales item is a fake or otherwise infringing merchandise, PRELOVED PERFECTION has the right to notify the alleged rights holder and/or law enforcement agencies and disclose the  seller’s identity. Furthermore, PRELOVED PERFECTION has the right to inform the buyer that the sales contract in conjunction with this sales item designated for sale cannot be concluded. The same applies in the event that the sales item was not the sole property of the seller or the seller is not acting based on an appropriate authorisation from the owner and the (co-)owner did not authorise the seller to sell the sales item. If you receive payment for an item that is later deemed to be counterfeit you agree to repay the full amount received plus any other loss associated with its sale and return.

The seller owes PRELOVED PERFECTION a commission for each  brokered sales contract or for each sales contract concluded on behalf of the seller. The commission is also owed if PRELOVED PERFECTION buys a sales item from the seller itself. The amount of commission depends on the amount of the sales price and is calculated according to the commission scheme which is valid at the point in time when a seller lists an item. The current commission scheme can be found at any time on the section listed as COMMISSION RATES. 

All consigned items must be delivered toPRELOVED PERFECTION in excellent condition and must be of the highest quality, (either Unused/Very Good, Good or  Fair), cleaned, on hangers (if applicable), and “ready to sell.” You must disclose to PRELOVED PERFECTION, prior to our acceptance of the item, any and all flaws, damage, and/or alterations to the item, regardless of size or appearance. In cases where damage or alterations are not disclosed, PRELOVED PERFECTION reserves the right to terminate the sales agreement at any time and without notice. We do NOT accept any items that require cleaning or repair, or items with severe traces of use, stains, holes, odours or other damage.

You guarantee that you are the true and lawful owner of any, and all items, consigned to PRELOVED PERFECTION. You agree to indemnify and not hold PRELOVED PERFECTION responsible for any damages arising from any, and all, claims, demands, losses, causes of action, damage, lawsuits, judgments, including legal fees and costs, to the extent caused by or arising out of or relating to any unlawful ownership. As the owner you understand that PRELOVED PERFECTION acts only as an agent and that the title does not at any stage pass to PRELOVED PERFECTION and remains with you, the owner through out the sale procedure. You accept that PRELOVED PERFECTION is entitled to claim the agreed commission figure from the selling price. 

As the seller’s representative, PRELOVED PERFECTION determines the sales price at its own discretion taking into account the brand, current market situation, condition of the item and desirability. PRELOVED PERFECTION will attempt to achieve the highest possible sales price and a quick sale. However, the seller can indicate his or her desired asking price. PRELOVED PERFECTION is obligated to not reduce the sales price by more than 10% of the seller’s agreed asking price without having consulted with the seller beforehand. 
VAT is payable on the margin between the price the owner receives for the item and the price the item is sold for at a level of 16.67%. This will be added on top of the mutually agreed price. 

If buyer wishes to propose a lower price, this can be done by emailing customercare@prelovedperfection.com with a suggested offer. PRELOVED PERFECTION will then approach the seller and determine if this offer is acceptable. No changes can be instigated by PRELOVED PERFECTION without the acceptance of the seller.

PRELOVED PERFECTION has the right not to list or depict sales items on the  website or via other sales channels for which it deems the asking price significantly overpriced and to reject the seller’s order to sell the sales item or to mutually determine a new sales price with the seller. In the latter case, PRELOVED PERFECTION will contact the seller by email, to agree on and determine a new price if necessary.

Items may stay on the website until sold, or returned to the legal owner at their own cost.

PRELOVED PERFECTION make return shipment dependent on an advance payment by the seller. PRELOVED PERFECTION will only return the sales item to the seller  after consulting with the seller and obtaining his or her consent. Alternatively, after consultation with the seller, the articles may also be used for a charitable purpose, whereby it is at the discretion of PRELOVED PERFECTION, to determine which non-profit organisation the sales item is donated. The affiliated charities at present are: Alzheimer's UK, Cancer Research UK and Crisis.

PRELOVED PERFECTION merely brokers the sales contract between the buyer and seller and concludes said contract with the buyer on behalf of the seller. PRELOVED PERFECTION itself is not a contracting party to the sales contract, (except in the event of an own-name transaction).

PRELOVED PERFECTION will transfer the purchase price agreed upon with the seller for the sold and assigned purchase price claim (i.e. the purchase price for the sales item minus the commission and any additional costs), into the bank account specified by the seller and issue a respective statement for the seller.
The payment of the net purchase price to the seller is carried out within two weeks, starting from the assignment of the purchase price; if a buyer benefits from a legal or voluntary return right, the payout period is extended by the duration of the return right. PRELOVED PERFECTION does not owe interest for the period between the purchase of the receivable and payment of the net purchase price.
Items with a combined worth of over £1,000, as agreed between the seller and PRELOVED PERFECTION, will be collected from you FREE OF CHARGE. Otherwise please ensure that you have packaged your item(s) well so it is protected and secure whilst in transit. PRELOVED PERFECTION cannot accept liability for any loss or damage to items as a result of poor packaging.When the seller sends a sales item to PRELOVED PERFECTION the seller bears the risk of loss, damage or other detriment of said sales item until the sales item is received by PRELOVED PERFECTION. This is regardless of whether or not PRELOVED PERFECTION sends or forwards the seller a delivery note, an address label or other useful objects for the shipment and/or procures shipping insurance or not. The seller is obliged in all cases in which, in accordance with the above provisions a sales order is not concluded after the sending of an item or it has been expired by any termination or other reasons, to withdraw the concerning item(s).
In such cases, PRELOVED PERFECTION will return the item(s) to the address provided by the seller. PRELOVED PERFECTION reserves the right to charge the shipping cost of the return, in the event an item does not comply with PRELOVED PERFECTION sales guidelines. PRELOVED PERFECTION will inform the seller about the impending return. If the package cannot be delivered to the address provided by the seller, and if on written request from the seller, no viable address is obtained within a 4 week period, and/or the item(s) cannot be successfully delivered in a second delivery attempt,  after the expiration of these 4 weeks, the item(s) become(s) the property of PRELOVED PERFECTION.
We comply with the legal requirements when collecting, storing and processing the user’s personal data. Details can be found in our PRIVACY POLICY




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