If there was a hall of fame for the most elegant, sophisticated and classy shade in the colour palette, there is no doubt that all the subtle nuances of camel would reign supreme at the top of the list. From the deep rich tones of butterscotch, through golden caramel, to the softest milky beige, these are the must-have tones for anyone who has more than a passing interest in style and fashion this season, and forever. Aptly named “cappuccino chic," this is one trend that ranks as the ultimate neutral. I know these words are often overused but timeless, ageless and flattering truly apply here. If head-to-toe camel doesn't work for you, introduce a fresh edge with a dash of silver or charcoal grey, white or black. It's a thing this season, and it will be next following reports from the recent catwalk shows. It's a well-loved classic and always will be a style force.




Product Photographs by Belinda Heaslip
Photograph from Pinterest











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